This bright and vibrant tutorial includes 41 pages full of photographs and diagrams.  I wrote this tutorial for rainbow lovers and for, well, those who donít love rainbows as much.  This tutorial focuses heat control,  some stringer application and practice, and enamel sifting (along with safety and properties of enamel).  You donít have to love rainbows or even like them to find this information useful.  And thatís why I chose this bead, it requires a lot of attention to detail.




  • 41 total pages:  5 pages on the base bead, 6 pages on enamel sifting, 2 pages on stringer pulling, and 8 pages on stringer application

  • 61 steps and 13 sub-steps

  • 95 photographs and 10 diagrams

  • 2 MB .pdf file for web viewing or download